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I have discoved a new technique lately that I have been having fun with. It is Reflections.

What I am doing is fairly simple but pretty effective.

Start with a photograph (any digital image) and Photoshop software. You might be able to use other software for this but I am specifically using Photoshop.

1. Open your photograph (or drawing) and duplicate the background layer.
*Always duplicate the background layer and the deselect it so that you don't inadvertently mess up the original layer.
2. Go to the Filters drop down menu and choose the "Liquify" filter.
*This will open a layer window that you will be able to modify the current layer with. Take some time and get to know the way that this filter works. It is really fun and you can just go crazy.
** depending on your computer this might be slow to work with. Start with small modifications and see how it works.
You can continue to work with this layer as long as you want.
Now you have 2 layers, your original and the one that you have just modified.
3. Select the modified layer and copy it.
4. Create a new document by using the File drop down menu and New file. Use the default values and paste the layer you just copied from your original file.
5. Go to the Image drop down menu, Image Rotation, Flip Canvas Horizontal
6. Then Select All, copy and go back to your Starting file
7. Paste the new layer on top of the original layer. Set the layer Opacity to 50%
You will now see a Reflected image. One that has the original layer and the new layer that has been flipped horizontally and is 50% see through.
The fun is in learning how to create the original layer so that when it is reflected back on itself it creates some magic.....

I have posted a photo gallery on Facebook that shows the original image I am starting with as well as the layers I am using to get to the final image shown above.